October 7, 2019.

Residents of Sweeny.

Please read carefully. This notice is regarding your October utility bill and is a lengthy informational notice.

The City of Sweeny did mail out utility bills as normal on September 30th. Due to recent storm damage to mail distributing centers and the increased number of residents that have not received their bills, we are extending the disconnection date for two-month bills to Friday, October 25th. However, if you have a two-month bill, you are still required to sign an agreement form (as normal) for that extension. Please continue to be in by tomorrow, October 8, 2019 by 11 a.m. to sign for those extensions. If you have further questions regarding a payment extension, please contact City Hall at (979) 548-3321.

One-month bills are still due as normal on the 15th. If you wish to pay online, please use the website at www.trafficpayment.com.

Bank Draft is still drafting as normal on October 10th. Please contact City Hall if you need the amount that is already scheduled to be automatically deducted or any other information regarding your utility account.

Thank you.

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