City Departments

The links below provide specific information on city departments.  If you need further assistance, please contact us.


Animal Control & Impound
> Learn about regulations, costs, and penalties associated with keeping animals.

Bid Notices
> Learn about different ways to participate in local government.

Boards & Commissions
> Learn about different ways to participate in local government.

Budget & Finance
> Learn about taxes and the city budget.

Building Inspections
> Learn about building regulations and inspections.

City Council
> Learn about our city council, agendas, minutes, and members.

Code Enforcement
> Learn about city regulations and local enforcement efforts.

Drainage/Stormwater Maintenance
> Learn about drainage, ditches, and flooding.

Emergency Management
> Learn about hazard mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Fire & Rescue
> Learn about the Sweeny Fire Department (Fire & Rescue).

Gas (Natural)
> Learn about the delivery and service of natural gas.

> Learn about legal services and representation.

> Learn about the Sweeny Library and the Brazoria County Library System (BCLS).

Municipal Court
> Learn about municipal fines, costs, and procedures of the court.

Parks & Recreation
> Learn about the parks and recreation opportunities in Sweeny.

> Learn about the permits and requirement of such in Sweeny.

Police Department
> Learn about the city police force and their activities.

Public Works
> Learn about the functions and roles of the public works department.

Traffic Control
> Learn about traffic control and regulations on city streets.

Trash & Recycling
> Learn about trash collection, heavy trash, and recycling in Sweeny.

Water & Wastewater Service
> Learn about water and wastewater services in Sweeny.