Animal Control

The City of Sweeny Animal Control Services are provided through the Public Works Department and through the Police Department.  City Ordinance No. 103-87, passed in 1987, established the rules and regulations concerning the keeping of animals within the City of Sweeny.  The ordinance also provides for the following:

  • Definition of Animal and Other Terms
  • Provides for Impoundment
  • Provides for Fees and Charges
  • Prohibits Nuisances
  • Prohibits the Keeping of Certain Animals within the City
  • Regulates the Keeping of Livestock, Fowl, and Rabbits
  • Requires Sanitary Conditions to be Maintained
  • Provides for the Disposition of Impounded Animals
  • Provides for the Quarantine of Animals
  • Provides a Penalty for Non-Compliance and Other Violations

On June 18, 2002, City Ordinance No. 101-02 was passed which amended he definition of “Running at Large” and fines associated with “Running at Large” violations.

Animal Control Ordinance